Saturday, December 25, 2010

Child Gets Everything He Wanted For Christmas

This morning marked another successful holiday season for 9-year-old Bradley Baker.  Several weeks ago, his mother grilled him on what he wanted for Christmas.  Even though Bradley had recently seen a TV special about the joy of giving, not getting, and told his mother he didn't need anything besides his family, she insisted.  On the list Bradley had included a baseball glove, a set of colored pencils, and a new toy truck since his old one had lost a tire when he brought it to the beach that one time.

Shown: The Beach

Bradley woke up at a reasonable hour Christmas morning and attempted to be quiet as he walked down the stairs at a steady pace.  His dad had warned him not to run because of the one time he slipped on the bottom step.  Bradley took this advice to heart and it only strengthened the respect he had for his father.  After seating himself in front of the modestly-sized mound of gifts, he waited for his parents' permission to begin unwrapping the presents.  His mother told Bradley to be patient while she made herself a cup of coffee and he obeyed without question.

If you're waiting for a joke, you're not gonna get one.

After two minutes of silent contemplation on what was beneath the wrapping paper, Bradley was able to open his gifts.  He opened them carefully and attempted not to rip the paper because his mom had purposely bought non-holiday themed paper, so she could reuse it for his upcoming birthday in February.  He accidentally tore the corner on an awkwardly-shaped box and apologized.  His mother accepted the apology.

Bradley opened gift after gift and thanked both of his parents individually after each one.  After everything was opened, Bradley sat back, thanked his parents once again, and reflected on this year's haul.  "I got pretty much everything I wanted," said Bradley of his Christmas experience.  "I did ask for a Playstation 3, but I sort of knew I wasn't going to get it.  That's okay though.  I understand that it's pretty expensive and with the way the economy is and everything, I'm just thankful for everything I have."

Bradley considered possibly buying a PS3 later in the year with the allowance he has been saving up.  His mother thinks that is a very grownup thing of him to do.

When we asked Bradley if there was any gifts he was displeased with, he thought briefly.  "I don't think I'll get much use out of the socks my Aunt Susan sent me, mainly because they fit a little bit too snugly, but I really appreciate the fact that she took the time to knit them.  It really means a lot.  I'm going to send her a homemade Thank You card before the week's end."

Bradley will be traveling to his cousin's house later in the afternoon.  It is roughly an hour drive, but Bradley is looking forward to it because they get to drive through "that tunnel with the cool lights".

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