Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cold Sore Causes Mild Inconvenience

Geoffery Alapeachya has just realized a cold sore is forming on the right side of his upper lip.  He first grew aware of the oncoming ailment while taking a shower.  He was exfoliating his face when he felt a minor sting near his mouth.  It is only slightly tender to the touch, but guarantees to get more painful as the day goes on.  Chapstick has been considered, but he doesn’t know if that helps.  Reminders have been abundant from friends and family urging him not to touch it, but he has continued to fondle the bump.  “This is just not a good day for this.  I’ve got a meeting in a few hours and even though you can’t see the cold sore yet, I know I’m going to be thinking about it.”  Geoffery is bracing himself for lunch with his co-worker, Jerry, who will almost positively crack a joke about Herpes.  Also, he will more than likely make a witty observation about his ranch dressing looking like human semen.

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